User Agreement

This Agreement is independently issued by Uniwits System (hereinafter referred to as "the company") and it applies to services (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") run by the company and the services that have this agreement attached. (If you are below 15 years old, please use this service with the permission of your guardian and use the service with them).

1. Service Availablility
Every user who agrees with this agreement is allowed to use this service. However, preparation and methods of access to the Internet has nothing to do with the company.

2. Use of Personal Information
In order to provide better services, the company requires users to register personal information. Registered personal information may be used for the following purposes:
(1) For personal authentication to provide service
(2) For making biography page
(3) For facilitating communication among the users, among users and other people
(4) For informing users of information about the services and for necessary contacts
(5) For customize and display user-oriented advertisements and so on
(6) For the user supports

3. Cookies
Cookie is a small text file submitted to a user's computer hard disk for maintaining web browsing history. Cookie helps remember specific user preferrence about websites and can provide more effective information than the web only. Usage of cookie has become the industry standard. Many websites use cookie to provide users more effective functions. Cookie can identify the computers that used by the users, but it cannot identify the users' personal identity.
The company uses cookie to provide services customized for each user, so that users can use the service more conveniently. This cookie is set when a user accesses particular web pages or at log in time.

4. Obligations of Registered Users
The users sign up for the user ID and then they can use the service (sometimes with subsidiary conditions). The users who registered are referred to as registered users.
When registering, a user is required to fill in email, password and other items. Information provided by the users are regarded as accurate.
In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy of registered information of the user, the user should update the registration information timely if there is any change.
* Through this service, the company may sometimes dispatch third-party advertisements or questionnaires that are allowed by the company. The user is considered as agreeing this term.

5. User’s Privacy
Principles related to the user’s privacy is stated separately.

6. On Deletion of Impertinent Registered Users, Posts and Other Contents
Under the following conditions or When a user violate the prohibitions, the company has the right to delete user’s ID user's contents, etc, without notification in advance.
* When a registered user is found deprived of membership in other member-oriented services, or a registered user is considered tending not to fulfill obligations defined in this agreement;
* When registered information is certain to be untrue by warrant;
* When a user jeopardizes the interest of other users and the society;
* When a user uses the service in activities that cause violation of public order and morals, or commit crimes;
* Other users, posts and contents that are considered impertinent by the company.
In case that utterance or contents exceeds particular time or size limits, or based on necessity of service managements and maintanence, the company may conduct deletion or purge without notifications in advance.

7. Prohibitions
The registered users are prohibited to shared his/her user ID with others. Anyone who use the ID is regarded as original registered user and should take all the obligations of registered users. Besides these, registered users are prohibited to do the followings:
* To invade other users or third party's copyright, rights to use likeness and other intellectual property rights, property, privacy and other rights;
* To slander other users or third parties;
* To support election activities, religious activities, or activities that the company judges as related;
* To conduct activities against public order and morals;
* To commit crimes or activities considered related by the company;
* Violation of laws and regulations or activities considered related by the company;
* Non-discriminatory or unilateral promotions or advertisements of particular profitting organizations without written permission of the company, or activities considered related by the company;
* To impede the operation of the service and business of the company, (probably) jeopardize the company's reputation;
* To jeopardize national security, and related activities;
* To spread pornographic and other undesirable information.
* To publish information of violence or that tends to be recognized as violence based on social common sense.

8. Assurance of Data Integrity
It is inevitable that data processed by the service system and the service get lost due to unexpected system failures. The company has no obligation of backing up the data, and will not be responsible for restoring of data and will neither be responsible for direct and indirect loss caused by the above-mentioned events.

9. Intellectual Property Rights
With regard to contents provided by the service of the company, or information that a user obtains through the service, its copyright, trademark, service mark related rights, patents and other intellectual property rights are protected by law.
Although a user's work belongs to the user, but the overall content collection is stored in the service system and processed under the service operation, the company has right to compile the works.

10. Scope and Change of The Agreement
The company can change terms of this agreement any time. Change and extension of this agreement will be published on to the Internet. If a user continues to use the service, he/she will be considered to agree with the changes and additions by default.

11. Service Exchange Points (Unilar)
Service exchange points of the service (hereinafter referred to as "unilar") only applies to services of the company, and do not correspond to any real currencies. Once unilars are purchased using real currencies, it is not returned. Balance of unilars can be negative. But, in case that the user requests, the company can exchange unilars in account balance of the user into real currencies to pay to the user based on some specific rate, after deducting corresponding fees. The details are defined by relative rules of the company.

12. Fees
In principle, charged parts of the service collect fees in Unilar. However, if other payment methods are specified, then the specified methods should be adopted. If a business uses the service, it will be taken as granted that the business agrees to pay the fees.

13. Disclaimer
The company does not assure credibility and accuracy of information published, and message contents sent, through the service. The service may contain links to other content, and the company does not guarantee usefulness of the content and is not responsible for any derived loss and damage.
The company is responsible for NO loss that any user or third party undertakes due to deletion of user ID, posts, other contents, and interruption, stop and termination of the service according to this agreement.
In addition, agreement of the service may under arbitrary changes, the company is not responsible to users and third parties.

14. Compensations for Damages
When a user cause damages to the company due to violation of this agreement or regulations, or iniquities or illegal actions, the company has the right to request compensation for damages.

15. Jurisdiction
The user agrees that, when a litigation is necessary between the company and some user, the district court in the district that the company's headquarters resides is selected as the first court.

16. Ambiguity
When discrepancy happens between various language versions of this agreement, the Japanese version shall prevail.

2010-08-14 the original version
2010-08-15 the revised version
2011-04-20 the revised version
2011-05-17 the revised version
2012-07-21 the revised version

Privacy Policy

1. Definition of Personal Information
Uniwits System defines personal information as, the personal-related information (name, date of birth, and other information used to identify specific individuals), the specific mailbox for personal use, user ID, password, credit card and other information, as well as personally integrated interests, family members, age and other related personal information properties.

2. Cookie and IP Address
As using cookie and IP address only can not identify a specific individual, they are not considered as personal information. But when they are used with personal information, they will be considered as personal information.
Uniwits System will publish purposes and methods when using Cookies and IP addresses, even if it cannot identify specific individuals on the media run by Uniwits System. In addition, users can set their browsers to refuse Cookie information.

3. Specialized Usage of Personal Information
Uniwits System endeavors to specialize its use of personal information.

4. Limitations on Use of Personal Information
Uniwits System will not deal with the personal information out of necessary scope of fulfilling purpose of use, without permission of users, neither will deal with the information beyond the agreed limitation of use even when the information is obtained through merge of businesses or other reasons. However, the following cases are exceptions.
(1) When specified by laws and regulations;
(2) When it is necessary to protect people's life, health and properties but it is difficult to obtain a permission from the user;
(3) When it is especially necessary to improve public health and facilitate sound growth of children but it is difficult to obtain a permission from the user;
(4) When it is necessary to cooperate with national organizations or local public organizations or their entrusted third parties for their legal operations, and obtaining a permission from a user will or may impede the operation.

5. Appropriate Procurement of Personal Information
Uniwits System gathers personal information through proper approaches, and does not use false and/or non-legitimate ways. In addition, it be paid attention to avoid recklessly collecting personal related information from children under 15 years old without a consent of a guardian.

6. Informing the purpose of getting personal information
Uniwits System will open its use purpose when gathering personal information.

7. The purpose change of personal information
In case of changing purpose of using personal information, Uniwits System will not surpass reasonable scope related to previously defined purpose. After changing the purpose, Uniwits System will notify the person or publish the change.

8. Supervision over Employees
Facing to risks of personal information loss, destruction, tampering and disclosure, Uniwits System will commit to security of personal information, and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision over employees.

9. Supervision over Trustees
Uniwits System will take necessary and appropriate supervision over the trustees in order to secure the personal information when all or part of the information is given to them.

10. Limitations on Transfer to Third Party
Uniwits System does not provide personal information to third parties without permission of users except cases defined by laws and regulations
The limits do not apply in the following cases.
(1) In order to achieve purpose of use, Uniwits System entrusts a third party with processing all or part of personal information in necessary scope;
(2) Provide personal information along with inheritance of business due to merge and other reasons;
(3) When shares personal information with particular partners, Uniwits System will notify users or publish at easily visible places, in advance, the sharing, information items to share, scope of share, purpose of information receiver in the sharing, and names of responsible parties.
During share of personal information with particular partners, if purpose of use or names of responsible parties change, Uniwits System will notify users the changes or publish the changes at places that users can easily view.

11. Announcement of Personal Related Information
With respect to items related to personal information as listed below, Uniwits System will list them at places that users can easily view, and respond rapidly on users' demand.
(1) Purpose of use of personal information (except cases in which exemption of obligations are defined by laws related to personal information. In case that denial of answer is decided, the users will be notified immediately.)
(2) Consultation windows about personal information

12. Opening of Personal Information
When a user requests disclosure of personal information of him/herself, Uniwits System will rapidly open the information. However, if some of the following cases will hold due to opening of personal information, all or part of the information will be kept closed. Whenever such a decision is made, it will be notified to the user rapidly.
(1) In case that will jeopardize life, body, property of the user or third parties;
(2) In case that will seriously hamper the legitimate business of Uniwits System;
(3) In case that will violate other laws and regulations;
Additionaly in principle, information other than personal information, such as access logs, will not be disclosed.

13. Change, Supplement and Removal of Personal Information
After receiving a user's request for correcting, adding or deleting (hereinafter referred to as "change, etc") contents by the reason of false personal information, if there is not a specific process defined by other laws and regulations, Uniwits System will rapidly perform necessary investigation within necessary scopes for particular purposes, and based on the results, revise contents of personal information, and notify the user about the revision.

14. Stop of Use of Personal Information
When Uniwits Systems are required by users to stop or delete the use of their personal information (hereinafter referred to as "stop of use, etc"), Uniwits System will rapidly conduct the necessary investigation and stop use of their information, etc, based on the results, and notify the users. However, when the stop of use, etc, needs too much cost or is too hard to do due to other reasons, alternative approaches will be adopted if available in order to protect the user’s right and interest.

15. Reason Explaination
In spite of users' demands, if some of the following:
(1) Refuse to tell the purpose of use
(2) Refuse to disclose all or part of personal information
(3) Refuse to do stop of use, etc, of personal information
(4) Refuse to stop third parties using personal information
are decided, Uniwits System will endeavor to state reasons when notifying users the decisions.

16. Inquiry
Please refer to the following window for inquiries about privacy policy of Uniwits System.
Uniwits System Personal Information Window.

17. Ambiguity
When discrepancy happens between versions of various languages of this policy, the Japanese version shall prevail.

2010-08-14 the original version
2011-06-01 the revised version

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Uniwits System

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